The wonder Working Reliable Truth (The Word of God) 3

Concluding Part

The other morning, we had gone for morning workout, I left him behind though, when I returned, he told me that he had been looking for me, that just like I said, his brother had called him, had apologized for his uncanny and selfish behavior and had promised to pay back whatever he owed him, he said that he was really surprised and that it happened just as I said that it would.

I laughed afterwards, because I never told him any specified way of going about it, I only told him about the scriptures that I had read and God honoured His word. Friends, God is faithful, He is ever true to His word.

You don’t need to always know how God will go about things; your major business is to obey His word always. I relied on the word and knew that I just had to speak that word and it worked. The word worked and it still works.the word


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I love to learn. I believe in my salt influence as ordained by God
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