The Wonder Working Reliable Truth (The Word of God) 2

Continued from post 1

As I approached the bunk side, I felt that this was quite unusual, so, I asked him what the matter was, he initially concealed it but I told him that no matter what it was, his present reaction wouldn’t provide a solution to the problem, he later agreed to what I said and confided in me. He said that it was connected to an uncle of his that had cheated him in some way (the issue was financial).

In my heart, I knew that it was terrible for a blood relation to go that far exploiting one to whom he should have been a benefactor. I said to him that no matter how he felt, his present reaction wouldn’t change a thing, that the only thing that would change the situation was prayer. Then I opened the scriptures to the book of Phil 4:6 ‘be anxious for nothing but in everything through prayer and supplications with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God… I told him that God had said that we needn’t be anxious or react negatively about these things that happen to us but rather in all those things, we have to be given to prayer.

I afterwards told him that what happened in the next verse would follow afterwards when we do that which the Lord asked us to do. I told him that if we prayed and trusted the Lord and thank him despite the reality of our problems, he would turn the situation around and we would afterwards have peace, an overwhelming peace, described as being beyond us. I told him further that his brother would call him and promise to pay back the money owed him. He accepted reluctantly.  the word

To be continued…


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