The Wonder Working Reliable Truth (The Word of God) 1

God’s word is true and is the truth, He is bigger than all of us, than all things, He is more real than anything in existence, visible or invisible, He is stronger and more forceful than anything that ever was and any that will ever be. I chose the personal pronoun Him and not it because this word is a person not a thing, the scriptures testify about Him. I had an encounter sometime ago which strengthened my faith in the Lord and belief in the word. I’ll share below.

During my national youth service program which lasted a year as is the standard for all fresh graduates in Nigeria, West Africa, I met a young man at the orientation camp, which housed all the state corps members for the first 3 weeks; his name is Emmanuel. We were bunk neighbors and had grown to become friends within the first few days of our convergence. He was a gentle and easy going fellow. In one of those days, something happened; we had just returned from one of our many routines, he hadn’t joined in that evening instead was inside the cabin, lamenting over something that had displeased him, he was sore displeased that he was talking to himself not taking cognizance of it.

To be Continued.

the word


About arkeenwande

I love to learn. I believe in my salt influence as ordained by God
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6 Responses to The Wonder Working Reliable Truth (The Word of God) 1

  1. Adeyemi says:

    I appreciate your work sir. May God enhance you more in Jesus name.

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  2. Ohigbochie Ehinomen Charity says:

    thanks sir.

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  3. James Akinyemi says:

    Hmmmm.. Lovely. Him the Word of God!

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